Here are some period-related coping mechanics you'll surely relate to!

Whether it’s because of your period or the intense thunderstorms outside, staying indoors is fast becoming a lot more awesome than it used to sound. Are you looking to have a productive staycation while nursing PMS or your period? Here’s a list of suggestions according to what could be the most common staycation styles!

Stay At Home During Periods


With the Internet offering a whole world of entertaining, funny, shocking and productive things to read and watch, staying home can never be a bore! Turn up the a/c or fan at full blast, make yourself a nice drink and look up some DIY tips on how to deal with your period better! Plan your days ahead according to your cycle by bookmarking important health and period-coping hacks. Look for interesting Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts that talk about things that you feel speak to you the most. The world is just at the click of your mouse or tap of your finger!

Exercise During Periods


Another thing you can do at home is to get those muscles working. Don’t be scared of exercise when you start feeling crampy – it actually helps your muscles relax as your blood flows through your system better! Exercising also helps you shake off those weird period blues by helping serotonin and endorphins (your body’s natural happy chemicals) work together better. If you’re feeling a little more active, try doing some home video workouts like Hip-Hop Abs, P90X, or really any work out book or video you can find on YouTube. Do this in any space you can find in your home and you’re set! Get into it, make it a habit and see how it gives you a leaner and healthier body that copes better during the days around your crimson flow!

Eat Healthy During Periods


Would you rather just stay put and eat into your mood swings? Here’s a tasty challenge: Whip up a DIY snack that you can make and pack nicely! Try coming up with a way to integrate any or ALL of the following with the help of your mum or a grocery attendant to help you round up the ingredients with PMS-fighting properties:

  • Bananas (contains potassium for pain relief and melatonin for better sleep)
  • Pumpkin Seeds (has magnesium to help ease bloating and serotonin regulators for improved mood)
  • Yogurt (helps balance calcium levels for improved mood and bloating)
  • Sounds like a smoothie in the making!

Go Shopping During Periods


It’s not necessarily just retail therapy now – malls with nice layouts are springboards for PMS-friendly activities with full air-conditioned goodness. Park yourself in a bookstore or café and order a fruitshake (instead of an iced coffee, as caffeine can crank up your cramps and make you extra jittery and dehydrated).

See yourself in any of these staycation style profiles? If not, try these ideas out or find out how you can make your PMS or period downtime more productive and suitable to your needs. You would know that best!