Your periods are on their way, aren’t they? Those menstrual cramps gave away the secret of their arrival as always! Yes, we understand, we really do! Menstrual pain is very real, and very difficult to deal with! As the lining of your uterus sheds during periods, you may experience mild to severe period pain. The nature of the pain might change from person to person, right from severity and duration to the area. It might trouble you just during the first day, or persist for long. Along with your lower abdomen, your legs and lower back might hurt too. You know your body best, so you are the best person to understand the kind of menstrual pain you experience.

Over the years you might have come up with a few of your own ways to tackle period cramps or at least, ease the discomfort. Your grandmother, mother or elder sister might have also given you some valuable advice, from their own experiences and what worked for them!

For your convenience, here are a few tips from STAYFREE® on how to help reduce pain during periods:

  • Take a warm bath to help alleviate cramps and rejuvenate
  • Put a heat pack on top of your belly
  • Take a day off and rest at home
  • Support your back with a comfortable pillow while sitting
  • Try some painkillers, but consult your gynaecologist or doctor before taking any medication

It might take some time for you to settle on solutions that work for you. Talk to your friends too, as they might also be experiencing pain during periods. Discuss solutions that worked for them, and give them a try – they may just do the trick!

Period cramps can make those couple of days all the more unpleasant for you and thus add to your discomfort. Be on the look-out for any pain, which is a sign that your periods are just around the corner. Just when you start experiencing this pain, try out some of the aforementioned tips to help you through this time! Add them to your daily hygiene routine once you start your menstrual cycle, and make them a habit for your future! Periods are a natural process, and menstrual cramps are a (unfortunate) by-product. However, don’t let them dampen your spirit! Go out and live your life!

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